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How does it work?

Outsourcing is the smartest, fastest and safest way to insert your brand in the market. Due to assure the conquest of a vast market, you need a partner that offer personalized help and choices for the intended products and market to be reached.

Our objective is to allow your effort and investments to be enhanced combined with our sales and marketing team. We wish to speed your development and accrete bigger business opportunities, both to your clients and other consumers.



Our R&D (research and development) department is able to develop new products, optimize existing products and innovate on global cosmetic market by developing new formulas, enriched by exclusive natural ingredients from Brazil.

LSV’s technical know-how allows us to offer the newest capillary cosmetics proposals, creating brand new technics and tendencies.


Constantly enhancing the capability to create, innovate, counter-type and analyze market tendencies, both in products and processes. LSV’s technical center is able to accomplish sensorial and performance tests, optimizing development schedules.


LSV counts on its fully equipped laboratory which allows total control and analysis on all stages of manufacturing processes, assuring reproduction and tracking of each bottle ever produced.


- Prime matter quality control;

- Water and microbiological analysis;

- Research and development of brand new products;

- Prototyping and stability control (Shelf life test);

- Analysis of finished and in production samples.


Automatized weighting and integrated high-tech production area, controlling all processes. Manufacturing flexibility, which allows all sizes of production.


LSV counts on a team totally focused on offering the best solutions for creation of brand new products, concepts, brands, labels, stickers, bottles, and handlings. You don’t need to care about your company’s image because we offer you the best solutions!


Our company offers you full orientation about specialized services and documentation, so our products can be always compatible with destination regulatory agencies.


Warranty of highest quality due our rigorous control of all processes related to manufacturing and investments on high technology and quality certifications necessary for all national patterns required by ANVISA (National health regulatory agency) and other international regulatory agencies.


Enter cosmetic market with innovative, authorial and capable products ready for international wholesale market.

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